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Our office is dedicated to helping each individual with pain relief and overall health.

Our doctor uses full spine diversified technique, and is versed in many others; including: Palmer, Thompson drop, activator, and trigger point therapy.

Other treatments we use:  Exercise counseling, Acupuncture, physiotherapies:  ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, traction decompression, and intersegmental traction.  Nutrition, including hair analysis testing.  Spinal/Foot orthotics - spinal pelvic stabilizers. Low back supports(featuring the Bax Max innovative lumbar support system) and other braces.

We have experience with all types of injuries, including:  AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS, ON THE JOB ACCIDENTS, and other home/work injuries.



Our professional staff uses the latest in computer software to file your insurance.

We accept:  Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, United Health Care, and more.  

It is each individual's responsibility to determine their coverage, we will assist you as much as we can.   No Insurance, we will be glad to work out a cash payment plan.

Please call and ask for Denise or Tracey if you have questions.

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